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Green Tomato Relish

Treat yourself or others to this deliciously different relish.  We start with fresh green tomatoes, add in bell pepper, onions, sugar, vinegar, water, mustard, corn starch, salt and spices to make a relish that you will be proud to serve and share with friends.
Green Tomato Chutney

Chutney is a sweet and sour condiment that may be enhanced a variety of foods.  Our chutney starts, of course, with green tomatoes.  We also add apples, raisins, water, sugar, lemon juice, vinegar, orange peels and spices to bring Southern flavor to this Indian condiment.
Green Tomato Pickles

If you have never tasted a green tomato pickle then you have missed something special.  Not sweet, not sour, these pickles have a distinctive flavor that leaves you wanting more.
Shipping: $10.35
Shipping: $10.35
Shipping: $10.35
Green Tomato Peach Salsa

This is a new recipe for us.  Since its introduction in 2008, this has become our top seller.  With its complimentary sweet and hot flavors this is sure to be a hit no matter what you place it on.
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Shipping: $10.35