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USMP Staff:

Director:          Tayna Rains                             
Admin. Asst.   Kristi Hayes               
       Bonita Barrier                     
Ministries Coordinator, US-2                

Other staff includes the pastors of the parish churches:
Pastor of Chaney's Chapel UMC: Jeff Adkins, (256) 657-6555
Pastor of Dutton UMC:
Jeff Adkins, (256) 657-6555
Pastor of Flat Rock UMC:
Jerry Hastings, (256) 657-3531
Pastor of Ider UMC: Jimmy Carl Ball,
Pastor of King's Chapel UMC:
Karl Abernathy, (256)638-7328
Pastor of Lusk Chapel UMC:  Tom Holt, (256) 659-6775
Pastor of Robertson Chapel UMC:
Lee Bryant, (256) 638-6588
Pastor of Section UMC:
Kenneth Graham, (256) 228-6611
Address and Phone Numbers:

Upper Sand Mountain Parish
PO Box 267
24474 Al Hwy 75
Sylvania, Al  35988

Tel.     (256) 638-2126
Fax    (256) 638-2125
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